Microbial spoilers in food 2017
28th-29th-30th June - Quimper

Microbial spoilers in food - June 28th - 29th & 30th 2017

Best Presentation & Best Poster Awards


To encourage junior scientists to display outstanding oral communication and original posters during the Microbial Spoilers In Food 2017 conference.

The best oral communication and poster awards are supported by the SFM (French microbiology society).

General Information

This competition is open to all students presenting their work during the Microbial Spoilers In Food 2017 conference.

Entrants in the competition must be the first author AND must be registered for the conference.

For Poster Award, entrants must be present to answer questions for a specified time.

The work must represent original research completed and presented by the entrant.

Students may enter only one oral/poster paper in the competition.

In addition to following the instructions in the “Call for Abstracts,” entrants must indicate if the paper is entered in the competition.

Judging Process

All abstracts accepted for a presentation will be reviewed by the Awards Committee. Only eligible abstracts accepted for oral/poster presentation and entered in the competition will be evaluated.

The student's area of research may either be theoretical or experimental in any of the general technical and scientific areas normally presented as part of the Microbial Spoilers In Food 2017 Conference.

Judging Criteria

Abstract: Clarity, comprehensiveness, and conciseness

Presentation: Scientific Quality, Clarity of Organization, choice and quality of illustrations, ability to answer questions, and knowledge of the subject

Saupiquet Award 

This year we are pleased to attribute the Saupiquet Award for the work with most transferable results to the industry. 

Every works will be judged by the participants who will vote to designate the winner.

The price will be given by Lionel CAILLAUD, R&D director at Saupiquet.

Congratulations to :

Emilie GAUVRY, winner of the best presentation award
Modelling the temporal heterogeneity of the sporulation in planktonic culture of Bacillus subtilis

Martin HEBEL, winner of the best poster award
Determination of the total viable count on fresh meat by a handheld fluorescence spectrometer

Lucille GARNIER, winner of the Saupiquet award 
Development of antifungal ingredients for dairy products: from in vitro screening to pilot-scale applications











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