Microbial spoilers in food 2017
28th-29th-30th June - Quimper


Noémie DESRIAC is working as a lecturer in food microbiology at the technological institute of the University of Brest, which is located in Quimper since 2016.

She obtained a PhD degree at the University of Brest in 2013. Her PhD research combined a mathematical modelling approach with gene expression quantification to integrate the bacterial fitness into risk assessment. Then, she integrated the food safety department in ADRIA technical institute as a Project Manager on food quality and safety where she was involved in various projects on i) bacterial sporulation, outgrowth and germination, ii) bacterial inactivation during cleaning and sanitizing procedures as well as iii) developing and integrative approach on the use of Omics or molecular biomarkers in predictive microbiology. She was also in charge of the software operating system of Sym’Previus and developed the new version available since 2016. Sym’Previus is a web-based tool to predict the microbial behavior throughout food processes and food shelf-life.

She recently moves to the university where she teaches food microbiology, and works as a researcher in the field of quantitative description of microbial behavior in food during industrial processes and storage. She is currently involved in projects on the use of biomarkers in predictive microbiology.