Microbial spoilers in food 2017
28th-29th-30th June - Quimper


Professor Ivan Leguérinel works at the Quimper Technology Institute of “Brest University” where he teaches “food technology sciences”. Head of research team, he develops research activities in the « Laboratoire Universitaire de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie Microbienne ». His current research focuses on the predictive microbiology concerning microbial growth and inactivation in relation with the food technology.

Predictive microbiology is a research theme developed by Ivan Leguérinel since 1995. This research topic was originally oriented to the optimization of heat treatments to preserve foods: pasteurization and sterilization. Since then, this theme has expanded to various fields of predictive microbiology: bacterial growth and inactivation in relation to the composition of processes or environment, or the study of evolution and orientation of the microbial populations in the ecosystem agri-Food. The field of study is building tools and methodologies for improving the microbiological quality of food. The applications of this approach are mainly microbiology, process optimization conservation, heat treatments, control of shelf life of foods, study and quantification of the effects of inhibition of new factors. Meanwhile, our field research has expanded to include Predictive microbiology applied to microbial growth.

Research interests over the last 5 years:
- Research of factors influencing the slope parameter of the Weibull model describing the kinetics of non-log linear survival
- Impact of environmental conditions pH and aw on heat resistance of bacterial spores
- The influence of free fatty acids on the heat resistance of bacterial spores
- Modelling the impact on the redox potential on bacterial survival in relation to thermal stress
- Modelling the effects of temperature treatment and recovery on the latency of re-growth of Bacillus cereus
- The influence of biocides in the context of the hygiene of surfaces and processes Agro Food

Pr Ivan Leguerinel is member of “Société Française de Microbiologie” and International Scientific Committee of ICPMF. He has participated to the organization of different symposiums organized at Quimper: Microbial Stress and Recovery in Food (1999), Predictive modelling in Food (2003), Bacterial Spore in Food (2009), Spoilers In Food (2013) and participates to the future Spoilers (2017).