Microbial spoilers in food 2017
28th-29th-30th June - Quimper


Florence Postollec (PhD) was trained as a biochemist and microbiologist at the Rennes I University (Fr). In 2005, she obtained a PhD degree at the faculty of medical sciences of Groningen (Nl) on specific bacterial interactions in dental plaque.

After one year working as a post-doctoral fellow on the development of a molecular tool to detect and identify sporeforming bacteria in food, she integrated ADRIA technical institute which is qualified by the French Ministry of Agriculture as a leading agro-food technical institute (ITAI). As a project manager from the ADRIA unit involved in food safety and quality, she provides services to food industries and their suppliers as well as collaborates in European and National innovation programs with food and diagnosis industrial partners.

Her scientific interest is currently focusing on the development of various approaches to study biodiversity, population dynamics and functional activities when microbial cells are exposed to various stresses encountered during food processes. More particularly, within the frame of UMT 14.01 SPORE RISK collaborative cluster, she actively collaborates with the team of LUBEM university on risk associated to sporeformers along a 10 years Research & Development axe to track cellular biomarkers and take into account physiological responses in the prediction of microbial behavior, using gene expression quantification and mathematical modeling.

Florence has participated to the organisation of different symposia organized in Quimper: Spore forming bacteria in Food (2009), SPOILERS2013 and participates to the future Microbial Spoilers in Food (2017).