Microbial spoilers in food 2017
28th-29th-30th June - Quimper


Obviously, Spoily is not a real scientific committee member of the Spoilers in Food symposium, but he often invites himself where he is not always wanted. We can’t blame him for joining in on this congress dedicated to him (however, it won’t all be for his pleasure… although he doesn’t know that yet!).

We have become accustomed to his presence, although he is ultimately very polymorphous. His greatest competence is annoying both industrials and consumers by spoiling food products... In some cases, he is even known to have some nasty properties as some may tell us.

The first public appearance of Spoily took place in 2013 in Quimper during the 1st edition of the Spoilers in Food symposium. Since then, he has been seen in various places and environments, and his link with food spoilage is clear.

Spoily and his relatives can be found all over the world and so can research teams and industrials dealing with them! Spoily particularly likes visiting the outermost Brittany, for its landscape, stimulating climate, culture, and special attention he receives from its indomitable Gauls. He invites you to come and meet him and community to exchange about particularities of Spoilers in Food.