Microbial spoilers in food 2017
28th-29th-30th June - Quimper

Microbial spoilers in food - June 28th - 29th & 30th 2017

Biodiversity of microbial food spoilers

  • Biodiversity of bacterial food spoilers
  • Biodiversity of fungal food spoilers
  • Taxonomy, phylogeny of food spoilers
  • Impact of new agricultural products and production methods (sustainability, organic farming, clean label, reduction of inputs) and climate change
  • Friends or foes, starters/spoilers, spoiler/pathogen and quality indicators/pathogen boundaries


Physiology and metabolism

  • Spoilers behavior, fitness and functional properties
  • Fate of spoilers under stressful conditions
  • Enzymatic activities and their becoming in food, secondary metabolites


Characterization methodologies, enumeration methods

  • Spoilers characterization, detection and enumeration from raw materials to final products
  • New methods: Omics, Maldi-TOF… applied (or applicable) to spoilage microorganisms


How to fight spoilers?

  • Inactivation processes: Physical processes (heat treatments, Ohmic heating, Pulsed-light, high pressure treatments…)
  • Chemical sanitation processes (cleaning in place, biocide use)
  • Packaging: Active packaging, modified atmosphere packaging…
  • Product stability assessment, Spoilage risk assessment
  • Food industry concerns and needs

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